03. Oct. 2020 - 30. Nov. 2020

Amelia und Nuria Prazak

Videoartist and Dancer

Mainly active in the field of performance, sculpture and video art, Amelia Prazak lives according to her commitments between the United Kingdom and Switzerland. She creates across different media, primarily with sculpture, costume, video and performance. Both her background in art and set/ costume design has allowed her to foster a series of collaborations with choreographers, musicians, dancers, opera singers for stage productions. During the residence she will get in dialogue with the dancer Nuria Prazak. The project deals directly with the material of the ‘stone’ as a historical and geological witness tanks to which the body measures, builds, reads into and is influenced by.

01. Oct. 2020 - 30. Nov. 2020

Christin Turner

Film and Music

While in residence at the Villa Sträuli, experimental filmmaker Christin Turner will research, write, and pre-produce several narrative sequences for the feature-length hybrid film Dreaming in Red (2021). Composer and musician Martin Perret will work on the musical and sound elements for the film. Turner’s experimental work, of which Dreaming in Red expands upon, has screened at International Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and was awarded at the International Kurzfilmtage Hamburg.

01. Oct. 2020 - 30. Nov. 2020

Martin Perret

Composer and drummer from Switzerland

Martin Perret is a dynamic participant in the creative and avant-garde contemporary music scene, having collaborated with a broad range of artists: French actresses and theater directors Claire Deutsch, Isabelle Vesseron and Lola Giouse; Swedish saxophone player Otis Sandsjö, Dutch french horn player Morris Kliphuis, Swiss guitar player Franz Hellmüller, piano player Marie Krüttli; and film directors Adrien Barazzone and Roman Hüben. Perret is an instructor of music theory and practice with a focus on percussion. He studied with Marcel Papaux at the Lausanne Conservatory Jazz Department, and in Lucerne with Norbert Pfammatter and Gerry Hemingway. He has a Master in Jazz Performance with Minor Composition as well as a Master in Musical Pedagogy.

While his residency Martin Perret is working on the music and sound elements of Christin Turners film. 

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